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Plywood Special: Delicatessen/MacBar Menu Exposed

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Soho: The long plywooded/long delayed Delicatessen and MacBar finally made NYMag's opening pages yesterday, and reps tell us the projected opening is set for Friday. Who knows if they'll hit that goal, but there have been some more signs of progress since last week's update. From a Soho correspondent:

"...a crew has been busy all day replacing the St. Germain wall paper with oversized Delicatessen menus. As you can see in the photo, the event was so momentous that a red head stopped in her tracks and texted the news to nine of her best friends. Mmmmm. Halibut Carpaccio. Bangers and Mash."
There you have it Soho: the menu in all its oversized brown paper glory. See you there for Reuben Fritters at the end of the week.
· Special Plywood Update: The Latest Progress From Delicatessen / MacBar [~E~]

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