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Top Chef Alum Watch: Blais Second TC Alum With Major Burger Shop Plans

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Spike isn't the only alum basking in the Top Chef afterglow. Final three contestant Richard Blais has a few projects up his sleeve too, most bafflingly, a strange liquid nitrogen popcorn at corporate popcorn maker Garrett. He was there today (and will be there tomorrow) giving out free samples, and unsurprisingly, at 12:30, the line was out the door.

Blais was in good spirits and was eager to speak about his future projects. Get this: just like Spike, he plans on opening a burger joint that he hopes to expand nationwide. His first outpost will open in Atlanta and will be called Flip. And as a New Yorker at heart, he hopes to eventually open a restaurant in the city he deems “the mecca for foodies.”

When asked “Why Garrett?,” he said that he understood that while some may see his current gig as “selling out,” he views it as a fun, easy way to get people to think creatively about food “without being pretentious.” Right.

As for the popcorn itself, it was welcome refresher after navigating the crowds a block away at the MLB All-Star Game parade.
— Reporting by Noah Adler
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