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Deathwatch: Sheridan Square A Goner Without Robins

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Mr. Cutlets is reporting that Gary Robins the head chef, big name, and go-to man behind the doomed project Sheridan Square has left the restaurant. A few important things to note at this juncture. The restaurant just opened May 29. Minus six, carry the two, yup: that's less than 50 nights of service between debut and chef exit. Also, the space is officially cursed. It languished for almost as year as the plywooded (and never opened) Central Kitchen and took a good long while to finally open its doors as Sheridan Square. Recently the owners announced their expansion into the large Tasca space next door, over-extending an already strained operation. If there's anything about this opening that hasn't been botched, we're all ears. Sheridan Square, say hello to the Eater Hospice.
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