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EaterWire: 60 Cent Pizza, a New Menu at 5C, Hell's Kitchen Neighboring Shutters

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HARLEM— Slice reports on a special Patsy's anniversary deal: "...the joint is rolling back prices for its 75th anniversary. You can grab a pizza there for 60¢ on Tuesday, August 19. The retro pricing event runs from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m." [Slice]

HELL'S KITCHEN— A tipster writes in to let us know the The Bus Stop Coffee Shop and it's neighbor the Why Not Bar are both shuttered. Trouble in Hell's Kitchen? [EaterWire]

EAST VILLAGE— The 20 year old Alphabet City music space 5C now has a new full menu and calls itself 5C Vegan Cafe. Now you can get fake Pate with Flax Crackers and Vegan Milkshakes along with your Avenue C folk music. [EaterWire]
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