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The Shutter: DIP, Arezzo, M&G Diner, Chocolate Girl

1) Murray Hill: A few tips have come over the ShutterWire this week alerting us to the closure of Murray Hill's 'fondue lounge' DIP. Though the signs say they're renovating, locals say it's over, and DBTH has the further confirm: "According to several Little Birdys, the rumored plan to renovate the space are going forward. It seems that Shendel has either sold to/partnered with Parry Lee, and their plans are to create a new sports bar theme space called 'The Hill.'" [Shutter Inbox; DBTH]

2) Madison Sq. Park: A reader writes in with some sad news about Italian spot Arezzo: "Looks like arezzo on 22nd St recently closed - any scoop on what the plan is? It's a shame because we really loved that place (although unfortunately, it was typically not that crowded)." [Shutter Inbox]

3) Harlem: An old timer, the M&G Diner closed earlier in the week. An employee sends a teary shutter email to Eating in Translation: "...We are very sorry about the inconvenience to the loyal customers who stuck by us over the years and to all newcomers, one timers, tourist, walk ins just everybody who has ever eaten there, all the young people who made M&G’s the late nite place to be back when we were 24hrs. WE WILL TRULY MISS YOU ALL." [EiT]

4) Park Slope: The Brooklyn Paper reports that one year old kosher chocolate shop Chocolate Girl has closed due to high rents: "'The foot traffic just isn’t there,' the shop’s proprietor, Tziporah Azigayil Jaeger, told The Brooklyn Paper....Jaeger said she was paying a 'too expensive' $5,500 for 1,100 square feet, plus a 1,100-square-foot basement. But her rent deal may have actually been a sweet one; South Slope rents are on the rise. An 850- to 1,000-square-foot storefront now rents for about $6,000 a month, said Maria Mackin, a broker at Betancourt Realty." [Brooklyn Paper]