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The Shutter: the East Village's OG Closing August 2

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We just received word that 13 year-old East Village restaurant O.G. will be closing next month. No word as to where chef Gregory Wang will land, but the owner will be converting the space into something called The New York School. From an email from the owner, forwarded to the tipline:

"Fans of the lower east side's pioneer O.G. Restaurant located at 507 East 6th St. will be saddened to hear this news. Saturday, August 2 is the last chance any of us will get to dine there. After nearly 15 years of continuous service the doors will close. Chef Gregory Wang who has been at O.G. from day one will take a well deserved rest before making any plans for the future. Proprietor Chris Genoversa intends to rework the Alphabet City location opening this September as 'The New York School''".
We haven't been able to confirm where or not The New York School will be a restaurant or a completely different project, but any updates are welcome.

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