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DOH Chronicles: Seymour Burton Missing a Permit

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East Village: These guys kind of saw this one coming. Proprietor Adam Cohn sent us a preemptive email to make sure no one gets the wrong idea about this Tuesday night DOH'ing:

"We have been cited, and temporarily closed, for not being in possession of a significant permit, as well as other minor violations. I guess we had it coming...We haven’t scheduled a re-inspection yet as we are still wresting with the permitting process. I doubt seriously we will re-open by the weekend, even if we could, as we are talking the opportunity to do some comprehensive renovations and clearing out of our basement."
We feel like we've heard that old 'permit' excuse before. However, the pencil pushers at the DOH corroborate Cohn's story, saying they were already warned about this permit issue.
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