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The Curious Case of 19 Kenmare

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Keith McNally's new project isn't the only thing on the new Community Board 2 Agenda to pique our interest. It looks like the (perhaps cursed?) 19 Kenmare space is on the docket once again, this time as Compas New York. The space first made it on the radar when LA and Vegas club king Ivan Kane made plans to open Forty Deuce there last May. He was, natch, negged by the community in September. The new tenant, Barmarche's born again Christian owner Chris Eddy, didn't have a much easier time when he tried to open a noodle house there. CB2 skewered him at his initial meetings in February but eventually approved his liquor license with a string of stipulations. Now either this new agenda item is Eddy, coming back as Compas for some reason, or this is a whole other operator. Whoever it is, be prepared for a fight.
· CB2 Has Their Way with Chris Eddy, Rejects Liquor License [~E~]

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