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Vital R&L Update: Florent Excised, Opening Tomorrow!

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A special Eater operative dropped by Florent, the just-shuttered Meatpacking mainstay, this morning, to check on the progress of the imminent re-opening under new management. His report: "Checked out R&L Restaurant, formerly Florent, this morning. There's white paper over the window—and, ahem, white paint over the part of the awning that used to read Florent—but the doors are open and I stepped inside. Turns out opening has been pushed back until 8am tomorrow morning, but rigorous cleaning of the premises was underway and, according to the manager I spoke with, 'almost everybody' on Florent's team has opted to stay on. (Most of them appeared to be on duty this morning as part of the all-hands scrub-down.) As rumored, the menu's going to remain mostly unchanged as well. One thing that has changed: the phone number. It's now (212) 989-3863."
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