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The Seizures Continue: Azafran Down!

And the restaurant seizures continue. The latest spot defaulting on their rent and getting turned over to their landlord? Tribeca's tapas joint Azafran. Unlike with the Song Chu Mai case however, a trusty tipster notes there were a few warning signs:

"First, I saw them advertised on that discount dining website...Then I saw a sandwich board outside advertising a lunch special of a burger and beer, which was later changed to just a burger and soda...Their menu changed...Later, I began seeing an occasional sign on the door saying they were not going to be open for this reason or that and then a sign saying they were only operating Thurs-Sun."
Only operating 4 days out of the week? Ouch. This was never going to end well for Azafran.
· The Shutter: Song Chu Mei SEIZED [~E~]

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