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Ko-BOOM: Chang to Allow VIPs to Momo Ko?

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We all probably should have seen this one coming: David Chang is having doubts about the strict Momofuku Ko resy system. He tells the Bruni that he's finally realized he wants to be able to give away seats to VIPs like visiting restaurant industry folks and members of the staff:

"He said the no-special-treatment rule is proving tough to stick to. 'There has been a lot of discussion about what we’re going to do about employees who want to eat there, managers, staff who want to eat there on a special occasion,' Mr. Chang said. 'We’re probably going to have to make some amendments.' Beyond that, he asked, is it really right to keep turning away major figures in the worlds of restaurants and cooking?...'some of these people have done us such huge favors, how can we pay back? Basically, if we’re going to make any concessions, it’s going to be for the industry.'"
And you can say goodbye to that tiny shred of a chance you had of getting in oh, right about now. Chang also tells El Brunz that he's tired of all the resy scalpers (most likely this guy) who have somehow beat the system. Maybe they'll end up hiring a phone reservationist after all.
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