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Good News/ Bad News Sheridan Square

Sheridan Square, Gary Robins' new giant West Village space opened one and a half weeks ago, and, naturally, a number of internet-savvy foodies have found the time to dine there and file their reviews. We've found some shills here and there, and almost everyone has some caveats to their positive reviews (including the fact that the restaurant is always empty), but for the most part, the people just seem to like the place. So of course, we have some good news and we have some bad news. Let's get to the good.

1) The Good News: A number of Chowhounders are on the Robins train, including this one: "...the food was great. But, the place was EMPTY and it was their 4th night open. odd. The shrimp app was stellar (with a white bean salad and artichokes), the pasta special (with braised veal) was flavorful and a very big portion. The seafood dish (clams, shrimp, mussels, calamari and scallops in a tomato broth) was also really great. The service was overzealous, but since the dining room was empty, I suppose they were just bored." [CH]

1) The Not Great News: NY Journal likes it too, but notices some misplays: "...Long Island Duck Breast ($27) was very good, though it was undercut by the gloppy plating of creamed cauliflower, braised fava beans and spring peas. Rack of Lamb is one of two dishes appearing on the menu with “m.p.” instead of a price, and diners may be surprised to find that it costs $42. It is a larger portion than it needs to be: my girlfriend couldn’t finish five hefty ribs. However, it is an excellent dish...There are some glitches to be worked out, but so far it seems to us that Sheridan Square is one of this year’s better additions..." [NY Journal]

3) The Bad News: Some eGulleters are raving about the place, while this reviewer has a few issues: "Had a special to start...I liked my first few bites more than the seemed to get a little mundane. ingredients were good. then had a duck entree and added a side of roasted mushrooms (some tasty maitiakes in there). the duck was properly cooked and flavorful. ditto for its sauce. but the bed of greens it rested on struck me as kind of amateurish....the kind of thing you'd expect from a good home cook." [eG]

4) The Ok News: A review chimes in on Mouthfuls with a bit of a mixed bag: "...Foie Gras Ravioli in golden oxtail broth with satur farm's spring vegetables and early summer truffles for G. He deemed this excellent and very truffley. Then I had the Anise Scented Crisped Long Island Duckling Breast...The duck came is rounds, nicely pink, but the fat lacked crisp, and the dish also suffered from too many different things on the plate. G had the Juniper Scented Dry Aged Prime Rib Of Beef...and this was spectacularly good....Service has kinks in it (e.g., had to ask for our wine several times, and we'd finished our apps just about before it arrived), but it's very early days." [Mouthfuls]

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