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Heat Wave Alert: It's 'Too Hot to Cook'

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People, it's 94 degrees outside and apparently some restaurant owners have decided it's just too hot to cook. From the inbox:

"I was debating what to eat on a hot day like today and decided that a hot dog from NY Hot Dog Company (on Church and Chambers) would be the perfect thing. After walking the few blocks from my office to get there, I am shocked to see that it looks closed. We go around to the main entrance and there are workers inside doing inventory. I ask if they're closed and they say no they're open. I ask if I can buy a hot dog, and they say no because 'it's too hot to cook' and offer me the opportunity to buy a smoothie...there are no ovens and the intensive cooking is a mild grill. Why not just invest in an AC and serve me a hot dog?"
This is not the first instance of food refusal due to the heat. Over the weekend, a commenter noted that one of the booths at the Big Apple BBQ stopped serving crawfish because it was 'too hot'. Ok food purveyors, it's hot, we get it. But pull yourselves together. And if anyone hears about any more similar nonsense, let us know. We won't stand for it.
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