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Monday Opening Report: International Bar, BBQ Chicken Certified Open, Shalizar on Weds.

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This is the Monday Opening Report, a regular feature that provides the precise status of venues. As per standard operating procedure around here, your contributions are so very welcome.


1) Upper East Side: NYMag has the scoop on the opening of Persian resto Shalizar this week, whose owner was a former captain at Café Boulud and whose partner is the owner of Persepolis. Menu info is as follows: “As at Persepolis, the menu features such traditional fare as lamb and beef kebabs, characteristically sweet-and-sour stews, and tasting trios of eggplant appetizers, yogurt spreads, and Persian salads. Besides a few new menu additions like ash-e-reshteh, a Persian green-vegetable soup with noodles, the slightly more upscale Shalizar also offers thematic cocktails, like pomegranate martinis and mojitos, at an expanded bar area.” Status: Not Open. Opening Wednesday. 1420 Third Avenue; 212-288-0012. [NYM]

2) East Village: Cutty reports today that the long-delayed St. Mark’s branch of Korean chain BBQ Chicken has finally opened. He writes: “When we visited yesterday, the power went down a few times, squelching the Rihanna album that was blasting. However, a graduate of Chicken University was able to hook us up with a “chicken burger” (a moist, oily fried breast topped with onions, lettuce, tomato, processed cheese, pickles, plus mustard and mayo), a biscuit that rivaled the ones at Popeyes, and a free BBQ Chicken key chain(crucial).” Status: Certified Open. 26 St. Marks Place; 212-982-9616 [Cutlets]

3) East Village: Also new in the EV this week is International Bar, as reported by Jeremiah’s Vanishing NY. He wrote last week about the June 18 re-launch: “Shawn and Molly are neighborhood people and hope to recreate a neighborhood bar. Said Shawn, “We want a great place for people to hang out. A living room. Just a place to come and drink.” They’ll be opening at noon to attract the thirsty locals.” Today he writes: “I am happy to announce the new International Bar is open, it's cool inside, it's comfy, and cans of Schaefer can be had for $2.00.” Status: Certified Open. 120 1/2 First Avenue; 212-777-9244. [Jeremiah’s Vanishing NY]

—Kelly Dobkin

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