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A Steamy Day One at the Big Apple BBQ

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You need more than a little sweltering heat and predictions of unbearable lines to keep New Yorkers away from the spectacle that is the annual Big Apple BBQ. Day one (still in progress btw) was a sweaty one. The lines were long, the ribs, pulled pork, and brisket in abundance, and all the grassy areas of Madison Square Park, jammed with scantily clad sauce covered meat lovers. Those with pre-ordered fast passes dealt with slightly shorter lines, but since there was no cap on those puppies, the benefits were marginal at a few stands. The longest line by far was the one for buying fastpasses, which should tell you something. Our advice for those of you going tomorrow: go at the very end of the day when the temp finally drops, all the barbecue obsessives have had their fill, and perhaps some deals can be had (if they don't run out first). Or just go to Shake Shack— their line was half as long as usual.
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