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Curious Plywood Alert: Hot Dogs & Coffee

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West Village: This curious signage can be found on the north side of Bleecker Street at the end of Leroy, and it announces the soon-to-open New York Hot Dog and Coffee. What better pairing could you imagine than a strong cup of hot coffee and a nice greasy hot dog? Just pause for a moment and imagine the aromas of that place. We're a little baffled and so our our tipsters. Says one:

"...the old Bleecker Street Bakery is now going to be a Hot dog and coffee shop. They have a banner hanging with a .com kr website. I’m not sure if KR stands for Korea?...I can’t imagine that a hot dog & coffee shop will do well? If I’m wrong I will then open up my Golf Shoe/Pez/Duct Tape store right next door."
Stranger things have succeeded in this city. And there's always the chance this is some complicated joke, and it's really just decoy plywood for the next Momofuku or Shake Shack.
UPDATE: A commenter chimes in with the official website. Hello! It's Korean-style hotdogs, and they have fro-yo, smoothies, ice tea, and some sort of drink with whipped cream in addition to the coffee.
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