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The Shutter: Yolato, Costa Del Sol, Rainbow Cafe

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This has been an incredibly shuttery week with the closings of The Tasting Room, Le Figaro Cafe, Chez Brigitte, and Hopscotch/Alt Cafe. And yet, there are more. When it rains...

1) Greenwich Village: An amusing photo of a surpisingly shuttered Yolato in Greenwich Village. Says the tipster: "Walked by Yolato at 2:30pm and it wasn't boarded up but it was 'mattressed' up which seemed sort of odd. Isn't it easier to find brown paper than old mattresses?...didn't the owner say how well it was doing on Cutlets recently?" A corespondent stopped in a few hours later and while the mattresses were gone, the shutter was confirmed. But don't worry, a Yolato Express is probably coming to a deli near you any day now. [Shutter Inbox]

2) Midtown West: As noted in Brooks of Sheffield's Who Goes There column today, old timer Costa Del Sol is shuttered: "Costa del Sol wasn't a landmark or particularly old, but I liked it's shabby appearance and refusal to spruce up with the new 'Clinton.'" [Lost City]

3) Sunset Park: Best View in Brooklyn reports on the possibly temporary closing of a Brooklyn standby: "The Rainbow Cafe, whose signs are featured on both Forgotten NY and Lost City, has its shades drawn and closed. A small, handwritten sign is taped to one of the windows; it reads: 'Closed for Business!!'" Apparently the closure is due to the passing of the owner and fans believe they might open it back up in a few months. [BVIB via Lost City]

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