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The Plywood Report: Harbor Drive, Five Napkin Burger, Rokara, Red Hot Szechuan, and More!

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1) Soho West: Here are some updated shots of the old Novo space, soon to be Harbor Drive. According to Flo Fab, Alex Garcia will be the chef, and it's owned by Richard Schaeffer. We also hear Bill Spector from Smac Entertainment is involved, and workers tell us it'll be ready in two months. [PLYWOOD]

2) Hell's Kitchen: Janine from Life with Food and Drink emailed us earlier in the week with a report on plywood vet Five Napkin Burger, and now she has some pics up: "...passed by the plywooded 5 Napkin Burger this morning on 9th ave between 44th and 45th, and they're in the midst of putting their signage up." Life Vicarious adds that they'll be opening on Monday will a liquor license and outdoor seating. [PLYWOOD]

3) East Village: Jeremiah's Vanishing reports on a new place going into the old Cosmos Parcels space on 1st between 7th and 8th: "I went in one evening to find Kati Duncan, paint-spattered and covered in plaster dust, turning the 45-year-old Ukrainian packing and shipping shop into La Rokara, a jazz café." [PLYWOOD]

4) Park Slope: Brooklyn Paper brings an update on the Red Hot Szechuan spot on Seventh Avenue at 10th Street: "'It’s just going to be exactly like Red Hot,' said commercial broker Maria Mackin, who brokered the deal with the new restaurant’s owners...The space will undergo 'minor renovations' before its Aug. 1 opening date, and it is tentatively called 'Red Hot 2,' Mackin said." [PLYWOOD]

5) Upper West Side: A note from the inbox about everyone's favorite kind of restaurant, "Asian Fusion" coming to the UWS: "saw in the old San Luigi's/Gabriellas space on Amsterdam/75th a sign that says coming soon – Asian fusion and sushi restaurant. Gee, just what the neighborhood needs." [PLYWOOD]

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