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EaterWire: Valenti Not Involved with Aix Space, Tom C. Speaks Out, JBA webcast

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UPPER WEST SIDETom Valenti sends in an important clarification about last week's sighting: "So, there I was, walking up to Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland on 88th and Broadway when I stopped to take a phone know, the one that stops you dead in your tracks...those tracks happened to stop in front of Aix...and the next thing I knew...I haven't been inside Aix in a very long time but I was, in fact, outside...if only for a fleeting moment." Meaning, Tommy V is unfortunately not involved in the new project. [EaterWire]

TOP CHEF UNIVERSE— Responding to the complaints/accusations regarding Lisa's continued presence on the show, Tom Colicchio once again goes blogging to defend Top Chef's integrity: "I'm compelled to give my once-a-season response to those cynics out there who insist we make our decisions to manipulate the ratings. If I sound defensive, I think I'm entitled...I think Lisa, along with a few chefs from past seasons, benefited from a phenomenon I call the 'lucky-dog-who-keeps-skating-by-effect.'" [Bravo via Eater SF]

JAMES BEARD— Want to watch the James Beard Awards live but don't have a ticket? Well if you can't wait for the coverage on all the blogs (even though there's always the chance of Mr. Ed Levine liveblogging), Devour TV will be streaming it live. [Devour TV]

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