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The Shutter: Chez Brigitte To Close Tonight

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West Village: Jermemiah's Vanishing is reporting some pretty alarming news from Greenwich Ave—the 50 year old Chez Brigitte is serving its last meal tonight. The place is little more than a hole in the wall, but for those who have frequented it over the last half century, this is a major letdown. Reports Jeremiah:

"The lease is up, he told me, and the rent has doubled. A woman peered in and asked, in a shocked voice, 'You're closing?' Yes. 'Another one? It's happening all over,' she cried, 'I'm trying to save Coney Island. Now this!' She walked away, then came back to add, 'I am so angry.'"
We are expecting the place to be packed tonight but may have to drop in to pay our respects.
· Chez Brigitte Vanishes [Jeremiah's Vanishing]

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