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Opening Report Coda: Red Egg Finally Open!

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Chinatown: Red Egg, the semi-hyped up Chinese-Peruvian place set to open at 202 Centre Street at the end of April, ran into a little trouble with the DOB and had their debut postponed indefinitely. Well apparently the landlord got everything back in order as the place is officially open. The owner emails with the happy news: "I am happy to announce that Red Egg is now officially open. Red Egg...will be serving dim sum throughout the day along with a menu that is comprised of exceptionally fine Chinese cuisine with a sprinkling of Peruvian dishes. The restaurant will be offering lunch and dinner service everyday from 10am in the morning through 11pm in the evening." Status: Certified Open. 202 Centre Street, Chinatown; 212-966-1123.
· Red Egg Can't Catch a Break [~E~]

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