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Waffle Wars: New Waffle Truck Hits the Streets

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Oh man oh man. First the Treats Truck doubles its operation, then we hear rumors of a Rickshaw Dumpling truck in Midtown, and now there's a new waffle truck on the scene? Summer '08 is going to be a doozy. Kathryn Yu spotted the "Imposter Waffle Truck" parked at Astor Place last Saturday at 9 p.m. We of course would like to think that with this and the recent opening of Belgian waffle place Le Petit Belge, we have a full on waffle wars on our hands. However, the king of Belgian Waffles and owner of the one and only Wafels & Dinges truck, Thomas DeGeest, would like to disagree. Let's see his take on it:

"One of my early workers, Rachid Hamzaoui, has started his own waffle truck. You won't be surprised to see a suspiciously large number of similarities between his truck and the Wafels & Dinges truck (e.g. the color pattern, menu, wording etc), but to be clear, there is NO affiliation between the two trucks. One the one hand, I am happy that more New Yorkers will become familiar with 'real' Belgian waffles. Better for business overall. On the other hand...I think of Wafels & Dinges as the 'really Belgian' thing, the first one in town, ran by a 'real' Belgian...and you'll see and taste the differences in many details.

In any case, he got himself a bit of a promotion and I wish him (and even more so their customers) all the best. Any speculation about waffle wars is pointless...there are not too many people in this business and we all get along quite fine - just ask the folks at La Petit Abeille or Le Petit Belge (why are Belgians so into "Petit" anyways?). Of course waffle-wars would make for a juicier story, but we all try hard to disappoint you in that respect.

...I may as well mention that our truck can be followed on Twitter now as "waffletruck"...we are now also featuring our Brussels waffles at Brooklyn Flea...Our summer menu also features ice cream on many days (especially the weekend). Happy waffling everyone...."

Hear that new truck? Ice cream, on waffles? Twitter? DeGeest does not mess around. We expect this isn't the last of this summer's waffle wars, so stay tuned for more.
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