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DOH Chronicles: DOH Inspector Arrested for 'Shaking Down' Restaurateur

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KENSINGTON— Last Thursday a city health inspector named Etibar Aliev was arrested for soliciting and accepting a $500 bribe and a bottle of liquor from the owner of Green Pavilion restaurant in Kensington, Brooklyn and was arraigned in court the next day. According to the complaint, after a bad inspection on Tuesday, Aliev told the Green Pavilion's owner that he would give the restaurant a pass if he got something in return. They agreed to meet two days later. When the inspector returned, someone had already complained to the DOI, which sent officers to the scene to monitor the exchange. Aliev accepted the $500 cash bribe from the restaurateur and on his way out asked if he could take a bottle of liquor from the bar. Soon after he was arrested, fired, and charged with numerous counts of corruption. If convicted he faces seven years in prison. DOH czar Dr. Thomas Frieden said he was "deeply disappointed" but did not mention any measures prevent further corruption. No word yet on whether or not the restaurant owner got to wear a wire.
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