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Florent Farewell: Midnight

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Krieger, 6/28/08

Beloved Meatpacking District staple Florent closed last night after holding a post-Gay Pride march friends and family night. Regulars, curious first timers, and leagues of camera toting reporters and videographers piled into the restaurant late into the wee hours all weekend long to pay their respects/document the last days. There are already a few reports up (and this great Flickr set) to prove it, but expect the media deluge to continue over the next couple days. For our part, we had photographer Daniel Krieger take a look at the 24 hour diner at different stages of the day throughout the month. He's already shown us Florent in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening, and today we conclude our photo series with this peek at the restaurant at midnight. But remember, the story doesn't end here: we now await the reopened on R&L Restaurant come Tuesday.
· Florent Farewell: 8 PM [~E~]
· Florent Farewell: 2 PM [~E~]
· Florent Farewell: 9AM [~E~]

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