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FOR SHAME: Nello Summertimes Offers $27 Vodka-Soda

The receipt to the right is for a standard ketel one and soda. It wasn't a triple shot, there were no fancy additions here. Just a shot of vodka and some soda for $27. And a call to Nello Summertimes confirms that all mixed drinks are in the same price range. Want a bottle of beer or a glass of their very cheapest wine? That'll be $20. A mojito? That's $25 please. And don't think this is just because of its Southampton location. A reservationist at Nello on the UES says with tax a vodka soda or a gin and tonic is going to run you about $30 a piece. Question: gimmicks with goldleaf aside, is this the most outrageous cocktail list in the city? We think it might be time for a boycott.
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