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DOH Chronicles: What Really Happened At Cabrito?

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West Village: Just before the weekend everyone's favorite goaty joint, Cabrito, was shuttered by the Department of Health. A worker said it had to do with 'improper steps', not cleanliness, interesting for a DOH shutter. And when a PR rep for the restaurant, Cameron Levkoff, contacted us Saturday morning letting us know the place was back open, she also cited structural issues: "There were a few structural repairs that needed to be taken care of. As BarFry was never informed of these infractions, the owner was not aware of any outstanding issues." But the story doesn't end there. According to the DOH report— which publicists should all remember, is in the public domain— the restaurant incurred 70 violation points, and they're not very pretty:

"Cabrito was closed on Thursday, June 26 with 70 violation points following an inspection that found a fly and rodent infestation, and no food protection certificate holder. An estimated 45 flies, some of which had contaminated stored food, and 40 mice droppings were found in the basement storage area of the restaurant. Other factors that contributed to the closure include a substantial number of vermin harborage conditions­ an estimated 40 holes and accumulation of food and grease observed in basement storage area and kitchen."
Resolved: No matter how hard restaurateurs try to cover up the yellow signs or publicists attempt to spin the story, the truth wills out in the end.
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