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Plywood Report: Spicy Pickle, Ted & Honey, Pump and More

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1) Boerum Hill: The above shot of a new place going in at Pacific and Bond Streets in Boerum Hill comes from a tipster in the neighborhood: "OK, time to drop a dime on this place at Pacific and Bond and see if anyone knows what's up...they are really putting in some work on renovating the space and it looks really cool inside. Keep in mind that in a city of filthy delis, the deli that was at this corner for years was perhaps the filthiest. There were holes in the walls. These guys have already built out some big beautiful bay windows. Now the only question that remains is -- what's it going to become?" Any intel is welcome. [PLYWOOD]

2) Brooklyn Heights: Last week workers took down Armando's neon lobster sign and already the new sign is in place. From Brooklyn Heights blog: "Chain restaurant Spicy Pickle will be opening soon in old Armando’s location. Workers put up a sign for the establishment this weekend. The new sign appears to be the same size, shape and dimension of the old Lobster with a bolder color scheme." [PLYWOOD]

3) Midtown: We receive a press release about a location of PUMP, the energy food chainlet, slated to open on June 18th on Madison and 40th. Says their PR: "Nothing is staying the same about this brand except for the food. The old meathead image is gone and there will be an entirely new décor, menu and overall message. The new PUMP motto is 'making it easy for people to eat healthy'." [PLYWOOD]

4) Cobble Hill: A Brooklyn Life has an update on the space that was once the Verandah Delicatessen (or the Little Red Deli): "...looks like we're not too far away from the opening of Ted & Honey, a new cafe and market where the Little Red Deli used to be. Interior was looking clean and workers were busy earlier this week." [PLYWOOD]

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