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The Shutter: Amy Sacco's Onetime Hotspot Bette

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Chelsea: When Amy Sacco's Chelsea restaurant Bette opened almost exactly three years ago, it was deemed one of the hottest restaurants in town. There were months of pre-opening buzz and Sacco's star power packed in the celebs and their followers nightly following the debut. Then the critics came, deeming the food subpar, and after a short while the celebs found a new 'it' spot in which to get photographed. Now, after some time out of the spotlight, the place has shuttered without announcement or fanfare. The person who answered the phone there this morning confirmed but would not give any details as to why or how the shuttering came about. Any intel on the shutter or Bette's dying days are welcome.
UPDATE: We have some new intel from a reader: "At Bette last night for the closing party. I live and work in the area and dined there fairly regularly. The bartender told me that Amy Sacco sold the restaurant and gave the staff about 8 hours notice. They called around and invited the regulars from the neighborhood to come by for a glass of wine or 6..."
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