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Eater Inside: Matsugen

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Krieger, 6/26/08

By now you probably know about Matsugen, Jean-Georges Vongerichten's soba house run by the Japanese Matsuhita brothers. What you probably don't know though, unless you've been there, is what this baby looks like inside. So here we present Matsugen's lounge with a lovely little bar and a long communal table and a main dining room with the somewhat minimalist individual set ups and 66's famed fish tank (tank not pictured). All in, it's not the most exciting design we've seen, but it's clean and it seems to fit the theme of the place.

As for a judgment on the food, we've got a sampling of what the common joes think here. With the name behind it, the ambition of the project (claiming to bring the first 'truly authentic and refined' soba to the city), and the somewhat curiously low-key opening, we're sure Bruni and Platt already have their resys if they haven't been by already. So stay tuned. Further reading here and here.


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