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DOH Chronicles: Cabrito Down for the Weekend

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West Village: The notorious yellow stickers currently grace the doors of everyone's favorite goat-centric schmancy taco joint Cabrito. But don't worry folks, according to a staffer, via a tipster, it's not the's the steps:

"Cabrito is closed for the weekend apparently due to some improper 'steps' in the front of the restaurant. Walked by and saw the DOH notice on the door and spoke with a very frustrated staffer who said it had nothing to do with food prep or cleanliness...It looked like they were getting a move on fixing the steps pronto but apparently the Thursday/Friday timing means the doors will be shuttered over the weekend."
Looks like it's back to Caliente Cab Co. for your margies and tacos this weekend guys.
UPDATE: This just in from Cabrito's PR: "Just wanted to let you know that after a brief DOH closure, Cabrito reopened for business last night."
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