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Good News/ Bad News Five Napkin Burger

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Any new burger will get attention in this town. Not only do Chowhounders and Yelpers need to update their '10 Best Burger Lists' as frequently as possible, but we also have a blog dedicated solely to the meat patties and their whereabouts. Naturally, the one week old Five Napkin Burger has already amassed a number of early reviews on a variety of food sites and blogs. The consensus seems to be burger: good, service: bad. But let's get to their good news and their bad news:

1. The OK News: His High Holiness of Burgerdom, Adam Kuban and his pal Ed Levine try out the Five Napkin for A Hamburger Today: "It was juicy, sure, but with that name, you've gotta step your game up to a whole 'nother level....Mine was perfectly cooked to temperature...The beef—ground chuck—had a comforting old-school flavor that, surprisingly, I realized I'd been missing, what with all these places doing custom blends of this and that. But the caramelized onions...and the Comté cheese...I don't know...Ed complained that the burgers here are what I call 'snakejaw burgers': They're so thick you need a snake's hinged jaw to get your mouth around it." [AHT]

2. The Bad News: A Yelper notes that while the burger may be tasty, you need good service to succeed: "SERVICE. IS. HORRENDOUS. But the burger was absolutely delicious. I hope this place works out the kinks, because it could be a hit. Kinks include: poor service; bizarre menu; overall aesthetic/atmosphere. Why does the menu have two major sections: burgers and sushi? So weird. And why does a place called 5 Napkin Burger use white cloth napkins? Be more casual, and give me a bunch of paper napkins for your delicious burger." [Yelp]

3) The Mostly Good News: Naturally a Chowhounder chimes in with a lengthy report and finds the place odd, the burgers delicious: "The (narrow) tables have a center beam going along the floor...It felt like we were sitting in an amusement park ride throughout our meal. The dip was just okay...The Narruto roll was actually more like a Vietnamese summer roll, the sushi rice replaced with translucent rice paper...I couldn't help but wonder why I was eating sushi as a precursor to my burger...we eagerly dove into our burgers and found all three to be delicious...My lamb burger was incredibly tasty, topped with chopped red onions and a green yoghurt sauce. The meat had clearly been ground in-house, always a good thing. But the Original was the evening’s winner..." [CH]

4) The Good News: An egulleter posts a a review from a friend who went opening night and who is easily won over: "Last night was their opening night. I happened to be walking by, noticed the lights were on and went in. I had a really fine Crab Louis for an appetizer and a sensational (ten ounce) burger with frites. The price of the appetizer was $13.95 and the price of the burger (with fries) was also $13.95. There are also things like lemon chicken on the menu and a nice assortment of sushi rolls for appetizers. Also lots of beers (bottle and tap) and wines (bottle and by the glass.)" [eG]

5 The Bad News: The blog WhatISee reiterates the above Yelper's service concerns: "Unfortunately, they're still working out some kinks in their operations. We waited for over 45 minutes to be seated though we were told 15-20. When we were finally told by the host that we were the next party to be seated, a different manager then sat two other two tops in front of us...And then we waited another 40 minutes for our food to arrive. We finished up in a short time and ... waited for the check, finally having to flag down a manager to get it." [WhatISee]

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