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The Shutter: Savarona Not Done After A Month and a Half

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Krieger, 5/1/08

Midtown East: We'll have to check with the Eater archivist, but with the exception of Central Kitchen (which never technically opened) this may be the fastest Opening Report to Shutter turnaround ever. Savarona, a gussied up Turkish place on East 59th St., opened in the first week in May, and we now hear both from their food purveyors and their PR team that the place closed on Sunday night. (NB to Bullfrog & Baum: you might be getting a bounced check on this one.) The purveyor has the scoop, explaining the quick turn of events:

"I believe Sunday (6/22) was their last day of business, unfortunately for me and several other of the purveyors they took a final order on 6/21 and have since been MIA. I was able to contact one of the (former) managers yesterday who said they were having trouble paying off employees, checks were bouncing left and right, along with very low covers (apparently they did something like 11 covers on Father’s Day). Sad because they clearly dumped a lot of $ into the place and really turned into into something nice, plus from some of the reviews I’ve read the food wasn’t too bad either."
Such is the hard world of owning a first time restaurant in Manhattan. But we're still not convinced that low covers alone could lead to such a hasty shutter. Considering they experienced some major delays before the opening, there could have been something else going on. In other news, any restaurateur in the market for a huge space on 59th? UPDATE: PR for Savarona is now claiming that there was a miscommunication when they informed us it was doneski. They now tell us the place is only temporarily closed while the owner performs some "essential repairs." We'll just have to file that one under 'wait and see.'
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