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Top Chef Rumormongering: Cheftestants to Be Housed in Williamsburg

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Attention hipster Top Chef fans, residents of the Rocket Factory and the Gretsch Building, and the general army of Eater tipsters: we hear from inside sources that the Season 5 Top Chef contestants will be housed in Williamsburg. No confirm coming in (now or ever) from the Bravo execs, but we expect all of you to be on guard for camera crews, a leggy Indian model who goes by the name of Padma, and a motley crew of young faux hawked chefs scanning the produce section at Tops. Also keep an eye on those new condos around McCarren Park (we're looking at you Ikon and 20 Bayard), whose owners would probably be willing to trade free housing for shots of their building signs each time the cheftestants return home.
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