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Plywood Update: Delays Continue at 10 Downing

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West Village: Welcome back to the curious plywood at 10 Downing, a restaurant now approaching its eighth month of crippling delays. If you can remember this far back, the project, cheffed by Jason Neroni and Katy Sparks, was set to open last November, and as far as we can tell is nowhere closer to its debut. A tipster just stopped in and reports the newest projection:

"All the windows were open (but still papered over.) Someone was sitting inside, and we spoke for a minute or two. She said they are not sure when they are opening (despite my pestering,) but they will be open before summer is over. Pictures were on the wall, and the entire interior was decorated. The bar still did not have alcohol yet. I think it could be ready to open in 2 or 3 weeks as the interior is completely done."
While the interior may be done there is the not so little issue of the gas, which, as of last week had yet to be turned on. And lord knows what other red tape they're still waiting on. However long it takes, here's hoping it doesn't make it into the fall preview two years in a row.
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10 Downing Food and Wine

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