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Matsugen Mania

2008_06_matsugenjgv.jpgJean-Georges, a man who has gone to great lengths to keep his Matsugen opening as quiet as possible, decides that if anyone's going to write about the opening, it will be him, on his personal blog. Like any good food blogger, Vongerichten gives us a run down of his favorite items at the restaurant, complete with the obligatory poorly lit pictures and a photo of his wife slurping up soba. He also offers some behind the scenes insights: "I've overseen the whole opening, from the décor to the kitchen’s pacing, but have left the cooking to Masa and Yoshi...This hasn’t been easy for me—cooking is my passion—but I wanted pure, clean Japanese flavors, without my French and fusion tendencies." [JGV]


241 Church Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 925-0202