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Resy Giveaway Aftermath: "For the Past Two Days I've Been Tearing Blood"

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On Friday we gave away reservations to The Little Owl and, later, Peter Luger. We received emails from the usual suspects: jobless foodies, depressed office drones, newly single ladies, and husbands with impending anniversaries. Read though the the best of the lot to see what people will write to get a coveted reservation:

"Why do I deserve this? I just had eye surgery to correct a childhod problem, and for the past two days, my eyes have been sore, red, and I have been tearing blood much like the James Bond villain Le Chiffre. (I am really not making this up.) Needless to say, I'm not in the best of spirits and dinner at The Little Owl will cheer me up to no end."

"So i totally deserve this resy because today was the first day in the office at my new job and I literally wanted to run away screaming. I think I made a HUGE mistake and I'm hoping that an awesome dinner this weekend will calm me down and make coming back in on Monday a little more bearable. please...please...please." (winner)

"My boyfriend, who was laid off some time ago, is quite depressed, and our attempts at cooking to try to save money is not helping his general malaise...I'd love to treat him to a nice dinner out, and we've both been wanting to try The Little Owl for some time now."

"I'm currently a corporate drone and this will be my final year working in finance after 7 years. I will be leaving at the end of this year to study for the MCATs and pursue my childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Oh, and can I also mention I'm turning 29 years old this year?! Talk about waiting quite some time to pursue a dream. Anyway, since this is my final year that I will be making any sort of money for a long time, I would love to treat my boyfriend for a special treat."

"A couple of nights ago, i found out this girl had been crazy about me for a few months. because of my tendency to be aloof and shitfaced half the time i'm with her, i had no idea until she had already put me in the friend zone. horrible timing because now i really like her. i want to take her to the little owl and tell her that i want to get it on, possibly in the bathroom between the appetizer and the main course. otherwise, we're doomed to be friends for life."

"I'm trying to convince myself not to squeeze into that two-piece this summer, so I plan to stuff my face (and thighs!) with ample portions of sliders and pork chops."

"I'd like to say I deserve the reservation because my boyfriend broke up with me this week and has called every night since Monday to re-break up with me (as if I missed the message the first time!). But actually, I have a friend visiting for the night and forgot to make plans for dinner"

"My wife moved from Chicago to New York a little over two years ago; our wedding anniversary is March 25th. Little Owl has been at the top of our list for some time now. This year I had February 25th marked on my calendar as the earliest possible day I could call to get a reservation on our wedding anniversary. Sadly the entire restaurant was booked that night for a private event. "

"This morning my girlfriend kicked me in the nuts because of something innocent I said and the berries are still throbbing. The only way I can see this situation turning itself around is if I have a nice Corn soup with potato croutons to ice my little guys while simultaneously apologizing to the lady friend. Please make this dream a reality..."

"After four wonderful years in New York City I have decided to move back to Karachi, where I grew up...these could well be my last few weeks living in the other bestest city in the world. This impending and possibly permanent move plus the fact that I am a foodie means that I will be eating myself out of house and home for the next 6 weeks in an attempt to relive my fondest culinary memories of New York and make sure I visit any and all interesting establishments I have somehow managed to miss. It will be a Last Meals tour to remember for the rest of my life. The Little Owl falls into Category I, places I must revisit to pay tribute before I depart."

"Please, please, please!...Summer weddings are monopolizing all my weekends - I leave again tomorrow morning for another one?.please let me pay my boyfriend back with a delightful meal."

"I'd love the two reservations to the Little Owl because I've been calling every day to go and my boyfriend refuses to go to 'nice' restaurants and this is one of the happy mediums that he'll eat with me at. Please!"

Peter Luger Steak House

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