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Eater Inside: 5 Napkin Burger

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Krieger, 6/22/08

Located in the former Jezebel space on 45th and 9th Ave., plywood vet 5 Napkin Burger finally opened to the public last week. Brought to us by the creators of the Upper West Side's Nice Matin, this is a bit of a spin off restaurant, devoted to one of NM's prized dishes, their 10oz burger.

As far as the space goes, it's sizable, open, and has some interesting flourishes like subway tiles on the walls and meat hooks hanging from the ceiling— Kobe Club meets Pizzeria Uno. The menu, from Andy d’Amico of Marseille and Nizza, features a number of $12-15 burgers, some typical meat-centric entrees (ribs, steak, lemon chicken), the obligatory schmancy cocktail list, and naturally sushi and maki rolls. So far the early reviews have been mixed, but (vitally) it has recieved praise for its signature dish. Since it's a new burger-centric joint, we guarantee you that more Yelpers, Chowhounders, and food bloggers will chime in to review, so stay tuned. Further reading here and here.

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