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Rumors Confirmed: Sheridan Square Takes Over Tasca

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West Village: No one ever really thought that the shuttered Tasca was "renovating" or believed their signs that they would "reopen soon." The only question was, what was to become of it. Since we've been hearing since December that Sheridan Square (once the carcass of Central Kitchen) and Tasca would be combined by Gary Robins, we assumed he would take over the restaurant. But when Sheridan Square opened las month without any mention of Tasca, we assumed Robins was satisfied with his own space. Not so! Per the Zagat:

"Sheridan Square is less than a month old, and already it needs more space. So, Gary Robins' New American is taking over the site next door that housed the erstwhile Tasca, and will be using it as a private dining room. This new addition, which can seat up to 40 people, should be ready to roll by early July."
Oh Robins, you sneaky weasel. You nearly had us.
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