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Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys, It's Shitshow Week!

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Oh, hell yes, people! As much as New York is the stage for the very best restaurants in the world, it is equally a city for the worst. Because in our metropolis, there are bad restaurants and then there are the shitshows. These, defying all logic and reason, are so brutally chaotic and unrewarding that they cannot possibly be the product of simple ineptitude. No, they are what comes of many many bad decisions in a row—such as when you decide to open a flashy Asian restaurant in Tribeca one block from Nobu, price it as the most expensive restaurant in the neighborhood, fail to offer menus, plaster the walls with treated photos of Christopher Walken, and staff it with waiters who are assholes. These places are so bad, they're bad.

Thus, we bring you Shitshow Week, our first ever week-long celebration of these monstrosities. Every day today until Friday an epic shitshow will get the spotlight, beginning this afternoon with Merkato 55. But that's not all! There will also be a new restaurant listed on the Deathwatch every day and—nope, not done yet—we'll be running a very special contest for the title of Worst Table in the City. Go get some funnel cake, see to it that the kids get some cotton candy. The shitshow is about to start.

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