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Shitshow Report: Bun's Late Night Free Food Fiasco

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Just in time for shitshow week, we have the aftermath of Bun's ridiculous late night free food promotion. To review, to celebrate their new 24/7 hours, the troubled restaurant decided to give away free meals to diners who made reservations between the hours of midnight and noon for two days last week. Obviously it sounded like a disaster in the making, and what do you know, it was! The first hint came last week when we got an email from someone who had her resy canceled two weeks after making it. Then comes this report this morning:

"I had a horrible experience with Bun's 'free' promotion to mark their 24 hour service. They canceled it, and even though they had our email addresses/phone numbers they didn't let anyone know, which would be nice when you plan on getting there at 2am. They didn't just cancel the promotion. They closed the entire place, and when we got there they sent out a bus boy who barely spoke English to shoo us away. He claimed 'The Boss shut it down.' Not cool. And stupid."

Mr. Cutlets received a similar complaint. He checks in with a hostess for an official explanation: "'During the free food promotion,' she said, 'we totally maxed ourselves out, so we won’t be starting the new schedule until mid–next week.' She also said something about the owner having to leave the country on an emergency." Huh. And you'd think they would have seen this coming.
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