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Deathwatch: Country

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Geoffrey Zakarian's Country has been asking for it for quite some time now. Reaching way back, in 2006 the restaurant ruined many a couple's Valentine's Day dinner with their colossal, no epic, service screw-ups. Fast forward to '08 and we have the Bloody Skate incident from two weeks ago (hinting that perhaps someone hasn't been policing the kitchen properly), and of course, some suspect promotions. Like The Tasting Room, Country is a host of the dinner theater event "Eating Their Words." And in a desperate Memorial Day stunt, the restaurant charged customers wholesale prices for wine (showing just how much they mark it up on regular nights). According to their PR, the event was such a "success" they are going to continue serving select bottles at the stark discount year round—this, once supplies are gone, is also known as a bait and switch. Oh, and let's not forget the massive turnover here. The opening chef (Doug Psaltis), sommelier, and pastry chef are long gone. Add it all up and you have a no-brainer Deathwatch. Welcome to the hospice, Country. Your room is in the East Wing, first door on your left past reception.
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