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EaterWire: New Treats Truck, Serge Becker's New Space, and the Absinthe Gummi Bears

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NEW YORK CITY— The Feed has a Treats Truck birth announcement: "Baker/driver/Treats Truck entrepreneur Kim Ima has announced the addition of a new truck to her fleet of one. Dot is the name...Though Dot’s schedule is still being determined, noshers can expect that what the new truck lacks in stature, she’ll make up for in desserts—expect exclusive "Dot’ specials...that can’t be found on her sib." [The Feed]

SOHO— Cutty gets the confirmation that La Esquina owner Serge Becker is opening a new place: "Serge Becker’s rep Nadine Johnson isn’t saying anything outside of what we’ve already heard about his new restaurant in the old Eastanah space, but for the record, she confirms that his partners are Oliver Stumm and Dominique Clausen of A Touch of Class. The strategy is brilliant: Open a smallish place so that the overflow is forced to grab a taco at La Esquina." [Cutlets]

SOHO— UrbanDaddy reports on Tailor's most recent totes bizarre creation, Absinthe Gummi Bears: "That's right, your favorite recently legalized, possibly hallucinogenic liquor has finally made it into ursine gummi form, fresh from Tailor's in-house candy shop (aka, mad scientists Sam Mason and Eben Freeman). You'll mostly taste licorice—it's really the anise in the absinthe—but this gummi is smarter (and boozier) than the av-e-rage bear." [UrbanDaddy (with subscription)]


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