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Ask Eater: What's Up With the Frying Pan?

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Have a restaurant or nightlife question that you'd like the Eater readership to tackle? Send it in to and it may just get the "Ask Eater" treatment.

2008_03_fryingpan.jpgWe received the following email, and since we don't begin to know the answer, we're throwing it over to you fine people:

"Do you folks at Eater know what the deal is with the Frying Pan? Is it going to reopen at its new location this summer? I've walked by it and the sign still says they are waiting for approval. What's taking so long?"
It is curious. Last we heard the boat was scheduled to open as early as May and at the very least by the Summer '08 party season. So, do we have any moles at the DOB or anyone in owner John Krevey inner circle willing to share the scoop?
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