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Eater Inside: Clover Club

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Krieger, 6/17/08

The beauty right here is the very highly anticipated cocktail lounge Clover Club from Julie Reiner, Michael Brais, and Sue Fedroff. Neighborhood types in the BoCoCa area and cocktail obsessives across the city have been eying the plywood and the signage on this place for months, salivating for its prospective arrival. They finally got what they wished for, and from what was offered at the opening party last night, the place will be just as good as everyone hoped it would be.

Pressed tin ceilings in the front room give way to mirrored ceilings in the back, and both spaces are adorned with dark wood floors and vintage-papered walls. The ambiance is clubby and a bit swank with oriental carpets, chandeliers, and finely upholstered sofas aplenty along with a bonus 1890's mahogany bar. They'll be serving a menu of small plates and as far as cocktails are concerned they've got all the sours, highballs, fizzes, cobblers, royales and swizzles you could ever want. But we'll wait for the spirits hounds to pass judgment on the mixologists—we can pretty much guarantee you they'll be hopping on the F train en mass to try the place out before the week is out. Further reading here and here.

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