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Ask Eater: 'Is Death & Co Still Open?'

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Since we've received more than one query about the status of the beleaguered cocktail den Death & Co., we figured it was time to check in with owner David Kaplan. The quick answer to the FAQ above is: yes...for now. If you haven't been following Kaplan's saga, it goes something like this: the bar opened in early '07 and was almost immediately bombarded by neighbor complaints. In December the SLA revoked its license renewal, allowing Kaplan to serve alcohol for four more months while he appealed. As he promised he would do when this all went down, in mid-May Kaplan sued the SLA to have his normal hours and license reinstated. But after the lawsuit, we're not sure if Kaplan has much further recourse. He is reluctant to talk about its possible outcome and the future of the bar but offers the following to curious minds:

"We had our day in Supreme Court on May 14th and it went very well. At this time we are awaiting judgment. The SLA may be better suited to answer questions regarding the case. We are optimistic about the case and continue to operate seven days a week, 6pm to 12am.
...We are in the works of bringing on a new Chef on board and are currently working on the design and layout of the new menu. We are adding new cocktail categories, expanding the menu as a whole, and highlighting summer style cocktails, i.e. Julep Section, Daiquiri Section, etc."
For a bar in its 25th hour, it's refreshing to hear they're living like there actually is a tomorrow. Or perhaps this is Kaplan throwing a Hail Mary.
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