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A Bad Sign: Panificio Not Even Trying

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We tend not to spill the precious red Deathwatch ink on little neighborhood places just struggling to get by, like Panifico on Avenue B. It's just not fair. That said, it behooves us to mention that it doesn't seem like the frequently empty, doomed to never get a liquor license, restaurant is even trying to stay alive. Note the signage above and an observation from a tipster:

"Panificio...what sort of cruel fate are you tempting by keeping the dearly-departed Uovo's awning at Avenue B and 11th Street? If there is a grace period for such things, and certainly there isn't, it's maybe a week or two at best You've been open for two months! Why not just call the place DeathWatch?"
It just shows a lack of spirit Panificio. Get a new awning and get back in the game or give up now before you lose even more money waiting for that liquor license.
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