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BruniBetting: Bar Q

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Tomorrow, Frank Bruni reviews Bar Q, Anita Lo's new small box restaurant in the West Village. Today, the Eater oddsmakers have set the action as follows:

Zero Stars: 4-1
One Star: 2-1 ??
Two Stars: 4-1
Three Stars: 50-1
Four Stars: 10,000-1
It took a good long while for Anito Lo to get the ship on course at Bar Q, but of late she does seem to have gotten the restaurant mostly together. Process of elimination puts the goose egg out of contention, as the restaurant is neither offensively bad nor so high profile that Brunipants has to file. As for the question of two stars or more, Platt's deuce is the best case, but we can't say we love that action, as some of the nuances of Lo's food may not appeal to Bruni the way it turned on the Platt. Which gets us to this: Eater's taking one star this week.
· Bar Q [NYT; after 8:00 PM]

?? denotes the Eater bet.

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