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The Curious Case of Greenpoint's Papacito's

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Restaurateurs have all kinds of weird setups in New York. Cramped kitchens, dumbwaiters, hot plates instead of burners, and on and on. Yet we rarely hear about a restaurant actually sharing its kitchen with another. Our roving photographer found out that's exactly the case at Greenpoint's new and already packed outdoor restaurant/bar Papacito's. His report:

I swung by Papacito's and ran into the owner (former owner of Brooklyn Label). He says they won't be totally up to speed for another week (even though they're technically already open since last weekend). Right now the menu is just a sign on the wall but they'll soon have printed menus. More significantly, I found out where the heck the cooking is being done. While there's some meat cooking outside on a grill, he's actually sharing the kitchen with the Thai place next door. He says they're actually buying out the Thai restaurant, so in addition to the beer garden area they'll have indoor seating (and delivery!) once they take over the space."
We wonder if that means you can order Papacito's in the Thai place and Thai food out in the garden of Papa's. Would be nice no?
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