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Eater Sneak Peek: Matsugen's Dining Room, Menu

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Team Jean Georges is being a bit cagey with the (online) press when it comes to its JGV's newest property Matsugen. Whether it's because they are determined to have a "low key opening" as the flacks say or because they want the big guns like the Times to have to first dibs remains to be seen (though we'll know for sure when the food sections come out on Wednesday). Nevertheless, we were dying to see the inside of this place and sent an Eater correspondent to take some sneak shots. 66's famous fish tanks separating the dining room from the kitchen are still there, and a hostess informed us the same fish remained in the tanks during the reno. Ever stylish Bertoia chairs populate the large minimalist dining room, as does an army of servers, busers, and gorgeous hostesses. The menu ranges from the affordable (soba for $14) to the excessive (wagyu for $135), and the early reports from the comments seem mixed. Since the place is only five days old, we'll have to wait a couple more days for the official Good News/Bad News.
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