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Eater Listings: Mo Pitkins Space 'In Contract', Bagel Zone on the Market

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The following listings from a broker at Tower Brokerage reveal a few interesting tidbits about some popular East Village and LES spaces. For one, it states that the long dormant Mo Pitkins space is now in contract, as is the ill-fated Lotus space on Clinton St. Also, the ever-popular quickie breakfast spot Bagel Zone on Avenue A just south of the Key Foods (which we didn't even know was closed) is on the market. And somewhat unsurprisingly, that monster of a space on Avenue B between 3rd and 4th that once held coffee shop DTUT is still on the market and still nowhere closer to being occupied. But let's get to the listings, titled in the email "Bars For Sale":

East Village: 2 bars 1500 sq ft 10 yr leases Under 6.000 rent Key$
Lower East Side: 2 bars 1000-1200 sq ft long leases under 5400 rent Key$
Lower East Side: 3 restaurants 750-1100 sq ft B&W under 5,000 rent Key$
Williamsburg: 4 Bars 1000-2500 sq ft long leases under 5700 rent key$
In contract: Boys Room, Mo Pitkins, Lotus, Baxter Bar, Revolver
Back on Market: 49 Clinton, Mondial 505 e. 12th

Summer bargains: Agua Clara restaurant 202 Rivington 2750 rent 9 yr lease
Sasko Japanese restaurant 245 Eldridge beautiful build out 4850 rent

Retail spaces: 14 Ave B was Butterfly Bar, needs new license 1200’ -2400’ sq ft
41 Ave B 1600 sq ft with enormous 1500 sq ft garden, not licensed
196 Rivington corner bodega (Ridge) 2000 sq ft only 8,000 rent 10 yr lease
47 Essex 4 1000’ stores @$40 a sq ft
Bagel Zone Ave A & 4th

Community Space: 114 Ridge up to 7000 sq ft @ $30 a sq ft
349 e. 10th 1200’ w/ backyard

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